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Posted on 08-10-2016

We are so excited here at New Branch Chiropractic to be moving to our new location at 1016 Thompson Street, Unit J, and to welcome Dr. Lynn Williams to our practice. Many of you have already met Dr. Lynn, but we hope all of you have a chance to meet her in the near future. She is definitely looking forward to meeting all of you! You can find out more about Dr. Lynn by clicking the "About Us" tab. For the next few weeks Dr. Lynn will be giving you a few tips on getting a good night’s sleep!

Hello everyone, Dr. Lynn here with a few tips to feeling healthier, more energetic and sleeping better!

Almost everyone I treat has had episodes of poor sleep. Do any of these scenarios sound familiar? I have trouble falling asleep at night........Once I fall asleep, I can only sleep soundly for a couple of hours..... I can fall asleep but wake up many times through the night and wake up feeling exhausted………My neck and back pain wake me up throughout the night.....I am constantly adjusting my pillow...

First, let me say that we have great success here at New Branch Chiropractic in reducing pain associated with neck and back discomfort that is waking you up at night. Now that you are feeling better, some of you need to evaluate other causes of poor sleeping.

This week I will talk about pillows. How old is your pillow? Let’s be honest! Has it become like a child’s blankie? I have to confess I used to have a down pillow that I just could not throw away, even after it was about as flat as a pancake! This was before I became a chiropractor and learned that the neck needed the proper support to keep my spine in proper alignment. After I finally got the courage to toss my drool stained pillow in the garbage, I bought a number of pillows before finding one that helped me get a good night’s sleep. Hopefully I can help you save money and time with some helpful tips in choosing the right pillow!

Some of us sleep on our sides, some of us on our back, and some of us alternate throughout the night between the two. Let me add that NO ONE should be sleeping on their stomachs! Think of it this way, can you imagine spending 6-8 hours of your waking day with your hear twisted to the side? Ouch!

The size and shape of a pillow should be as individual as a person’s body size and shape. Your spine should maintain its natural curve, which requires a properly shaped pillow to support your head and neck throughout the night.

As you can see in the adjacent picture, your spine should be straight for side sleeping and the natural neck curve maintained while sleeping on your back.

For those of us who alternate between side and back sleeping, finding the right pillow can be challenging. Here at New Branch we have added a new line of pillows called Pillowise©. These pillows are custom designed just for your body size and sleeping position. We take three different measurements: the first across the top of your back, the second measures the size of your neck, and the third from your shoulder to your ear. We also notate your sleeping position and the firmness of your mattress. We have a full display at our office and are always available to help you with a customized pillow just for you! My perfect fit is the “Red” Pillowise© pillow! I welcome those of you who have purchased a Pillowise© pillow to respond to this blog and share your sleeping experience after using your new pillow! To learn more about these pillows go to www.pillowise-usa.com.

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